Ballerina Twinkies "Singles" [Misfires]

  • Ten Versions : One Hundred Sixty Seven Iterations
  • These works are from “Ballerina Twinkies (Singles)”.  They are similar in nature to the JFK (Selected Failures) posting in that they are all works that are inconsistent within a series evolution. Remember that a series consists of (10-100s of) iterations issued as single prints collected as a series.
    This collection contains examples that were completely misguided within the series but are interesting as standalones. Visit the links below for details about the image evolution.
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  • Version Four "A" : Iteration Eleven
  • Version Four "A" : Iteration Fifteen
  • Version Three : Iteration Six
  • Version Two "A" : Iteration Five
  • Version Two : Iteration Four
  • Version One "B" : IterationTwelve
  • Version One "B" : Iteration Eight
  • Version One : Iteration Six
  • Version One : Iteration Two
  • Version Four "A" : Iteration Twenty One